%Sound.SetBusParent at config load not recognized

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When I try to issue the following immediate command at main config:
%Sound.SetBusParent PhysicsFXBus SoundFXBus

This is the warning I get during config load:
Can't evaluate command line [Sound.SetBusParent PhysicsFXBus SoundFXBus]: [Sound.SetBusParent PhysicsFXBus SoundFXBus] is not a registered command.

The same command works if I run it from the console while the game runs. Does that mean the %Sound.SetBusParent command is registered some time after the config load?


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    Hmm, I've poked around a bit more, and lemme guess, the sound system is initialized after the main config is loaded, so those commands aren't registered at bootstrap :) I'll call those commands during init then.
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    That's exactly it. :)
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