List of Free and commercial Pixel Art Tools

Might be useful:
(list bellow, but links on the page)

Free Pixel Art Tools:
Piskel [Windows/Mac + Browser]
Pixel Art Editor [Browser] -with collaborative editing mode-
Aseprite 0.95 [Windows/Mac/Linux]
Grafx2 [Windows/Mac/Linux]
Paint.NET [Windows]
GIMP [Windows/Mac/Linux]
Paint [Windows]
Pixly [Android]

Commercial Pixel Art Tools:
Photoshop [Windows/Mac]
Pro Motion [Windows]
Pyxel Edit [Windows/Mac]
Aseprite [Windows/Mac]
GraphicsGale [Windows]
Pixaki [iPad]
Sprite Something [iPhone/iPad]
Sprite Lamp [Windows/Mac/Linux]


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