DragonBones Pro to orx animation converter

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TL;DR; Program to convert DragonBones Pro animation into ready to go orx ini can be found here.

This program converts DragonBones Pro json files to orx ini files that are ready to use for objects.
It is simple to use: drag the files into jtorx working directory (workdr) and run the exe.
The program will automatically create all the graphic and animation objects for you
including all the possible animation links.

This will let you to manage and create all your animations for an object in orx
with DragonBones Pro as a single DragonBones Pro project.

New animations can be easily added in DragonBones as the program generates all animation links to the
existing animations as long as you have them in the same DragonBones project.

I have created this tool myself and it's written in C. I have memchecked it with valgrind and it is
memory safe as long as you feed the files in the right format. As I am still studying programming
it may not be the prettiest source code, but it gets the job done. How fast? About 2-3 milliseconds per
file to convert.

I have tested the program myself a bit and it is working well if used according to the readme. In case of any bugs, feel free to leave bug reports or even code fixes as a comment on this forum and I will get back to it after the summer.

Pictures before (.json), running (terminal) and after (.ini)
Link to program can be found on the first line of this post.

Cheers to everyone and happy summer!


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    Fantastic stuff! Well done.

    I'll check out DragonBones as well.
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    Hi DarnDevil and welcome here!

    Very nice work on that exporter. I'll check it out more closely over the week end or next week.

    Would you rather keep it in your own bitbucket account or would you prefer it to migrate to the main orx page (and I'd add you to the team and give you write access, of course)?
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    This is Great !!!

    I checked Dragon Bone too, that I never heard of before
    seems pretty nice too, just never used Flash (now calles Animate CC) but I guess it's probably not too hard to learn... I guess you have to pay to use Flash/AnimateCC though
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    If I have understood correctly there are 3 versions of DragonBones, DragonBones Pro for Windows, DragonBones Pro for Mac and DragonBones extension for Flash pro (which you need to buy from Adobe). The first two are stand alone and completely free, at least it works on my Mac and I haven't purchased the flash pro from Adobe.
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    Ok, make sense, I'll download it to try it then
    it's just that they really push on their website for Adobe FLash Pro and starling (http://gamua.com/starling/).
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