Feathery Tale, very close to release!

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Hi everyone!

Maybe you remember my announcement about a soft-body physics based bird feeding game. Now the game is called Feathery Tale, and it's very close to a release!

Here's the gameplay in its current state:


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    Nice work, Enobayram, and nice presentation as well! :)

    There's a slight audio/video de-sync toward the end of the video (most noticeable on the crow slapping where we see the visual effect long before we hear the sound). I'm not sure if it's a problem in the video itself or if it happens in-game as well.
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    Thanks iarwain :) The sync issue is in the video, thanks for pointing it out.
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    Wow this looks really good. I like the subtile behaviours of the bird when eating and moving.
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    Thanks :) There is a very rudimentary AI on birds to choose what to eat and where to jump to be able to eat it. Autonomy acts as a multiplier on cuteness :)
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    Just discovering this:
    Is your Bird the same from Starling on purpose ?
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