__orxSTATIC__ VS 2017 dont create static lib

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Hello all i try to create static link in visual studio 2017
when adding the flag : "__orxSTATIC__"
it does not create the static link
any idea why ?


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    That's a good question. @iarwain?
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    Hi umen!

    Really sorry about the delay, I didn't receive an email notification and completely missed your message. Don't hesitate to come and poke us on the chat when that happens! (http://gitter.im/orx/orx)

    You can't set the target type as static library by simply adding the __orxSTATIC__ flag, you actually need to modify the project for that as well.
    You can look at the Core Debug/Profile/Release configuration if you want as those generate a static library without any embedded plugin.

    The reason why the regular configuration (Debug/Profile/Release) do not generate a static library is because some of our plugins, which get embedded inside orx directly in that mode, use third party libraries that are licensed as LGPL (namely OpenAL-Soft and libsndfile), and thus can not be linked statically.

    If you want to still generate a static library for orx with the embedded plugins, you'll have to switch for dynamic versions of OpenAL-Soft and libsndfile for your target platform if you want to comply with their LGPL licenses.
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    Also as a quick addendum: both iOS and Android versions of orx are compiled as static libraries directly, my remark only concerned the desktop versions.
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