Testing Project Generation

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There's been a lot of changes to the premake configurations as of late to give more solid support for Mac OS X.

I am regression testing all premake configs for both Orx (setup.sh) and Projects (init.sh). You can see the in-progress test progress here: https://docs.zoho.com/sheet/open/7awuhe228cc0369c24b399d41114a0deac910

But it's slow an and labourious.

I think for next time, is there anyone who can be available for periodical checks of the configs? For example if you have a Mac/Linux/Windows with all/some supported IDEs and could help test from time to time?

Need to address Android and iOS testing as well at some point.



  • Do you think there's any way we could automate this, maybe?

  • I really don't know. I move from machine to machine to test all this manually. I suppose some sort of build agent might be able to do this. It would certainly be something for machine to do.

  • Yes, I was thinking using our buildbot setup, or maybe travis-ci/appveyor. We'd have to devise which tests need to be operated though, probably based on console output validation.

  • I don't know how Xcode will go. I don't know how to operate that myself let alone tell the bot what to do :)

  • Well, if you tell me exactly what's your test procedure, I can look into how to automate those tests. :)

  • For example, visual studio on windows:

    1. Open vs2015
    2. Open orx/code/build/windows/vs2015/
    3. Build debug / profile / release on 32-bit
    4. Test each orx*.exe
    5. init MyGame
    6. Open MyGame/ in vs
    7. Build debug / profile / release on 32-bit
    8. Test each MyGame*.exe
    9. Open orx/code/build/windows/vs2015/
    10. Build debug / profile / release on 64-bit
    11. Test each orx*.exe
    12. Open MyGame/ in vs
    13. Build debug / profile / release on 64-bit
    14. Test each MyGame*.exe

    Repeat for all IDEs on each platform.

  • It's more the test part I'm curious about. Do you simply check it launches or anything else?

  • Yes, step 4 and 11, I check that the exe launches and that bounce starts up.

  • OK, nothing specific then, just start and doesn't crash?

  • Yeah pretty much, just see it launch up, then close it down. Move to the next.

  • OK, perfect then, thanks. I'll see what I can do.

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