Console-less applications

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Can I confirm that using WinMain is no longer required for compiling a game with no console (as in terminal window), as previously advised here:

And that the correct way is:

A fair bit of documentation mentions the old way and I want to fix that up. I'm pretty sure it was stated in gitter that WInMain is no longer used for anything.


  • I can't find any doc online but that's what I've been witnessing lately with VS2015/VS2017.
    A better investigation is probably needed.

  • No worries, I'll check it out then and confirm.

  • Confirmed on Windows:

    WinMain is no longer required. main is enough.

    For mingw32, add the -mwindows linker flag.
    For Visual Studio, change from Console to Windows.

    Yet to check other OSes. Then I'll document on the wiki.

  • Thanks for checking.
    On Linux and OSX, it works differently, it's not linked to how you build the executable itself.

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    Linux just seems to output from whatever terminal you were in at the time. If launched via GUI, no terminal window opens. Just need to check Mac now. Actually I need to check further as I'm sure I've had an extra window open on linux in the past.

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