Sublime Text as the Editor and Compiler...

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Hi to all Orx Warriors,

I'm currently on Windows setup, and I'm still in browsing mode, haven't setup the environment yet, I know how to setup minGW & Sublime Text 3 (ST3) to compile C programs.

What I want to know is, can I use it to compile Orx projects easily, Also I know there's a ST2 pack for Orx, can we use it with ST3.



  • Iarwain uses sublime.

  • The ST2 pack will work with ST3 however it only brings some completion for config, and is a bit outdated as well. It's been made by a community member that isn't around anymore and I have to admit I have not looked into updating it (I probably should).

    I did try to compile from ST a few years ago and it worked but I didn't try debugging from it.
    My current setup is using ST for typing code/config and visual studio community edition for compiling and debugging.
  • ST & VS together, sounds solid.

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