How to Use orxOBox?

Hi everyone, we're in the middle of our GameJam and trying to make a menu with clickable buttons. Our idea was to use orxOBox_2DIsInside to check whether the mouse position is inside the box, but we're not really clear on what the argument const orxOBOX * _pstBox should be? Handing over the "Exit Button" from the config files doesn't seem to work...


  • Dang, sorry, I didn't get any email notification and I only found about your question now. :(
    Don't hesitate to poke us on the chat directly next time!

    What you wanted was one of the two orxObject_(Box)Pick functions.

    Otherwise you can also retrieve the bounding box of an object with orxObject_GetBoundingBox and you would have had your orxOBOX.
  • Apparently our email server was out for a couple of hours and your message was posted right in the middle of it. Sorry again about that!
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