Orx Stickers

Every time I go a conference, I kick myself for never having Orx stickers to sprinkle around on the various sticker tables. I'll wack a design up tonight, and get some feedback.

Then anyone can download and have them printed and drop them around at game or developer conferences.


  • Ah it's a good idea!
    I was thinking of printing an orx shirt like you have and bring it to GDC in 2 weeks, but the event got cancelled for now. :/

  • @sausage said:
    Then anyone can download and have them printed

    Where to you usually do that yourself? A p[articular website or on your personal Printer?

  • @iarwain might be worth getting done now for next time. I can send you the US site I used to use that had the good quality shirts, but I'm sure there's many vendors.

    Do you want the file for print?

  • @krousty_bat I found that a lot of people use StickerMule, but they are pretty expensive. I'm researching around to find better deals.

  • @sausage sure, I could use the file, thanks!

  • As various tshirt vendors use different formats, I'll supply a photo to guide positioning on the shirt, and the SVG itself.

  • Front shirt design, or only front. (blank area above is white orx logo on white forum background - right click to save)

  • orx.svg can be located in the orx repo.

  • To the original subject... here's a fairly bland first attempt.

  • 5cm x 2cm

  • Thanks for sharing all these!

  • You're welcome. I think I might provide an alternative orx logo for the shirt front. Might use the coloured version (with the cars and rockets in it) from the Orx video intro.

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