Fun at work

hi everyone,
I enjoy to make 2D fun games.however I am still more bit of an artist then programmer. i got tons of art and animations and i want to make it act.
I am learning c++ at work using devCpp(is cool and fun). however my desktop has no admin rights so to install something on it, is kind of difficult. not to mention that hacking(going around) would not be a wise decision.I am a guy in my 40's and I do not want to get fired for now..and I do not even want to wait till next year before making a friend with company admin :smiley: ...CAN I USE ORX WITHOUT ANY INSTALLATION ? or even better, portable?
thanks for replies


  • hey @anyname, welcome here!

    To answer your technical question, yes you can use orx without having to install anything, provided you already have a C/C++ compiler and a text editor.
    Cloning (or downloading if you don't have access to git) the source repo ( then running the setup script in order to fetch the dependencies is all you need.

    If you do not have those tools on your machine, you can look into different options that do not require any installation.
    However I'm not very knowledgeable on this aspect, so maybe someone else here will have more insights for you.

    If no one has an answer here, don't hesitate to ask your question in the #support channel on our discord server (, where other people might have an answer for you.

  • Yes as @iarwain says, if you have a compiler installed, you could use just a text editor on your machine and command line to compile. But it wouldn't be as easy as an IDE. I think there are no-install (portable) versions of codelite.

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