Release 1.11 fails for new install

I just tried creating a new install on Mac from the stable release, 1.11. The script failed to download the resource file

When I go to that website there is no orx-extern folder in

Everything is fine when installing HEAD, but I don't want to rely on unreleased code for my game.

Can someone either release a 1.11.1 that points to a valid url, or restore the file to the url above?

Thank you


  • Hi @orsonb and welcome here.

    Unfortunately bitbucket has removed support for mercurial, that's why the setup script cannot find the dependencies there anymore.

    I'll upload a new version pointing to the new git repository (I thought that was already the case), however I do recommend syncing the main repo instead, using the master branch.
  • Regarding the master branch, it is considered stable and all new development happens in separate branches. The binary release is just a yearly snapshot of the master branch, nothing more, for those who prefer that approach but I'll likely remove it entirely in the future.
  • Ah I believe I see why you don't get the new URL for setup: did you use instead of the actual asset from the release ( by any chance?

    I'll move the tag in a short while to fix this issue, however I still recommend using the latest from the master branch.

  • I just moved the 1.11 tag, should now be working as well.
    Thanks for reporting the issue!

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