i think it's a problem ,do u?

hello guys:

in "orx-1.4-srccodesrcioorxInput.c"

and in "orxSTATUS orxFASTCALL orxInput_Save(const orxSTRING _zFileName)"

there is codes:

if((orxConfig_HasSection(orxINPUT_KZ_CONFIG_SECTION) != orxFALSE)
&& (orxConfig_PushSection(orxINPUT_KZ_CONFIG_SECTION) != orxSTATUS_FAILURE))

i know u want to rebuild a "input" section ,but after "ClearSection" ,don't you need call "SelectSection" to new one?

and u call "HasSection" just behind "ClearSection" ,will only get false as return.

ofcourse ,maybe i am wrong, please check. :)


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    Hi viavia,

    You're completely right again, I guess no one tried to use that feature so far. ;)

    I'll fix it tonight, thanks! :)
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    glad to help !maybe i can find more. :woohoo:
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    Wow, that function was bad and didn't even support inputs in combine mode! O_o

    Thanks for finding the issue, I did a bunch of related fixes in the process as you can see here.

    Let me know if you find any other bugs, it's very helpful, thanks again! :)
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