Serious Sam 3 multiplayer??

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Anyone play SS3 on Steam?

I'm ashamed to admit I'm a bit addicted to it right now and always looking for co-op players.


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    Hehe, well I should try it one of those days.
    If you ever see me on TF2 in the meantime, don't hesitate to join the game. ;)
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    I don't play SS3, but actually, I've the same exact same problem ... a little bit addict to shootmania for me ^^

    Can you send me your steam id in PM ?
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    Shootmania, from Nadeo? I didn't know it was released.
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    Yep, exactly !

    You can pre-order it and so, you have an access to the beta.

    But, I really love this game, really fun ;)

    As fun as TF2 ;) (but, really different game play)

    The major inconvenient is I stopped all orx development and only play this game ^^
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    Interesting, from the trailer/gameplay video I've seen it looked like a very simplistic railgun/rocket launcher Quake3 frag fest.

    Is there more to it?
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    There's a lot of game mode, and there's some really fun custum game mode. The "mod editor" seems to be very flexible, and because it's a nadeo game, like trackmania, there will be a lot of map.

    About the amo, yes, rocket/railgun essentially, but the difference with Quake is that amo doesn't "pop" on the map. Basically, you have a "rocket" and only on some special spot, you can access to different amo, just by staying on the place, when you leave that kind of place, you loose the amo.

    Gamemods are really original, you should try it ;) The game is not really expensive, 16€ if I remeber correctly.
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    Thanks for the info and sorry for having derailed that thread! ^^

    As for the game, I like some strategy depth to it and it doesn't really feel like there's any based on your description, I'm not that interested in shooting itself, but more about what's around it.
    I might try a demo if/when they release one but for now I've already been pretty disappointed by Payday so I don't plan on buying new FPS. :)
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    @faistoiplaisir check PM.
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