Cursed lifes:Part I: Argondon Kingdom

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Okay i know I am new and my site for this project is a little out of wack but here it is feel free to drop in and help. I am currently working out all the details for it.


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    Good luck with your project and I'll be going on your site from time to time to get more info as currently we can't learn much from it.

    Maybe you can tell us a bit more about your project here?

    If you have any questions regarding orx, feel free to ask on the forum, there'll probably someone around to help you. :)
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    Okay here is my storyline from my site:
    Okay found the story i had orginally written down and here it is:

    Welcome to the kingdom of Argondon. You have turned eight, so now it's time to decide if you are going to help protect the kingdom. You remember that your father had gotten wounded protecting the ones he loved.

    He was brought home and became incredibly ill. Your mother became distressed and wondering if he would make it to the next day. But that was years ago.

    You decide you can't pass the oppurtunity up, and that is time to set out. And hopefully find a cure for both parents. Since your mothers distress she became ill as well, having no one but your grandparents to take care of you. Getting bored of it you decide to go to the king for advice and tell him your discision. He tells you, that the only one thing that can heal them, is the sap of the ju-jan tree. He will give you more advice but first go say bye to everyone.

    You do as he says and leave him. As you leave him you see the king's most trusted knight, Jargon, come in.

    He bumps into you and says, "Watch where you are going you little brat!"

    "Sorry Jargon!", you reply I think something is up with him

    "Heh, why do i have to work for such an incompetent fool!", you hear him say as he walks off. You go and say goodbye to everyone then come back.

    When you come back you see Jargon run out with the princess in his grasp. You also see several knights pursuing him and hear them yell,

    "Hey bring her back!"

    "Have you gone crazy Jargon!"


    "What they said!"

    You run inside and ask the king what that was about and he answers that Jargon had come in here and call him a fool, and they had a heated disscussion. And everytime he would ask Jargon why he said that he would just go "What?" and get mad. After several times he just grabbed his daughter that was behind him, and run off, with his daughter yelling, "Help"

    He adds this to your previous mission and gives you the basic tools. After asking you to please go fetch his daughter from jargon. It will be a long and perilous journey with many hardships and he asks he you are sure you want to do it. You say yes. He also tells you if you see anyone that wants to join up with you to accept it because you will need it.

    But be careful of who you choose. Choose your friends wisely. Just as the class you must now choose. After leaving the castle and being taught the basics you set out to retrieve the king's daughter.
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    Oh and i am currently working on my gdd for this game so it is being worked on by me, davidsen, and cleotifa who are members on the site.
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    Thanks for the precisions! :)

    I'll be following the progression on your website. Best of luck to all of you with your project! :)
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    yeah, just have to figure out how to do the battle area, maps, inns, the castle, and import my sprites. i will try to keep this and the site updated.
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    Okay our progress may be at a halt on the game :( as we are having difficulties. Mainly learning our programming language since we can't decide on c++ or java. This may take awhile.
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    Better to make the choice now than later! :)

    You'll have to weight all the pros & cons, but most important than the languages themselves (they're very similar), you should look at the tools/engines available for both options.
    Selecting them first will help you choose a programming language. :)
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    Well i thought this might be good but if 2d side scroller platforms is all we are able to create then maybe i will switch, to something else.
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    milleja46 wrote:
    Well i thought this might be good but if 2d side scroller platforms is all we are able to create then maybe i will switch, to something else.

    Erm, no. :)
    Orx is 2D only (actually object space is 3D, but rendering is 2D only), but you can do any kind of 2D game you want: it's not limited to side scrollers at all!

    I went for a side scrollers with Mushroom Stew as the available assets were great for that, but if you look at Drops, it's far from being a 2D side scroller.

    Ekerik is working on a tower defense too, which isn't a side scroller either! :)
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    Hadn't heard about his game i will see if he has any tips, and i don't think you can truly compare drops with the way it works.
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    milleja46 wrote:
    ...i don't think you can truly compare drops with the way it works.

    Not sure I understand what you mean by that. But again, there's nothing in orx specific for sidescrolling games. Orx is and will always be a "general" game engine.

    Even Scroll (which isn't orx but a C++ layer for level-oriented games), despite its name, contains nothing specific to side scrolling games.
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    I meant that it is a sound based game that you aren't really dealing with the specific functions that my game would need. Also how would i use your map editor with my game once it is connected with orx?
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    The map editor embedded in Scroll (ie. ScrollEd) let you assemble your map (it's basically a list of objects). Then you call the LoadMap() function to load a map saved with the editor.

    Embedding the editor is automatic if you use Scroll, ie. if you game class derives from Scroll.
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    Can u post a tut on how to use it some where?
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    Will do at some point, when I have some free time for that. My current big priority still remains the iPhone port.

    But before being able to use the level editor, you might want to master what is already exposed in orx's basic tutorials. Especially tutorials #10 & #11.
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    Ok can't wait to see it.
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