orxInput_IsActive("Action") is not working for me

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I looked at resources project and copied its orxInput action model:

    orxSTATUS eResult = orxSTATUS_SUCCESS;
    if (orxInput_HasNewStatus("Action") && orxInput_IsActive("Action")) {
        orxLOG("Action is active");

However, mine never gets to execute orxLog line inside if statement.

I can't find anywhere where resources project sets name "Action" in its INI file.

I even made sure that my INI file has no [Input] section.


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    In the Resource example, the inputs, including Action, are defined in the root config file.
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    Thanks. It all makes sense now. For a while I thought that action was some built-in name.
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    Nope, there are no built-in input names. :)
    (However there are hidden input sets running in the background for handling the console and the profiler.)
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