Raspberry Pi?

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I've noticed for a while the __orxRASPBERRY_PI__ preprocessor flag listed at: https://bitbucket.org/orx/orx

Can we really build Raspberry Pi versions of orx?

I would imagine this is really building for a generic ARM based processor, right? So anything built with this can work on all sorts of small ARM based computers?

I suppose each of Orx's dependancies would have to be re-compiled for ARM too.


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    We already have ARM builds with iOS and Android. :)

    But yes, the idead for Raspberry Pi was to add the plugins for that platform but I never got the time to do it. Back when I started, there wasn't much 3rd party library with support for the Pi, so writing those plugins wasn't a small task.

    Now I believe SDL 2 works well with it, so if we had SDL 2 plugins, I guess it'd be easy to support the Pi as well (GLFW doesn't really support it, for example).

    To sum it up, having the core compiling on any ARM platform: easy and probably already working. Having the plugins for those platforms is where work needs to be done.
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    Fair enough so it could be a while off, and there's other priorities.

    Just was thinking with the RP2 being released and all.

    Web is probably a more important platform right now.
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