Can't finish Grey's Tutorial 2!

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In Grey's Tutorial 2, after you've finished writing the code, it simply says "Testing Time" and then " *fingers crossed* you should now see this:" And then shows an empty window. It does not explain how to run it, and I don't know how to.

I am working with Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. I can get the project to "Build", but don't know how to run it. How do I get to see the empty window? How do I actually "run" the program, not just "build" it?

Please help.


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    If you followed Grey's first tutorial on setting up Visual Studio, you should have a folder called "C:MyProjectin" There will be an executable file in there which you can run after you build it (This is also where you need to put your .ini config files.) Also, there should be a green arrow button, or a menu item "Start Debug" or something to that effect, which you can use to run your program from within visual studio (this will also allow you to set breakpoints, and use other debugging features.)
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    What 4babce says! :)

    You can alternatively press F5 as a shortcut to run the program.
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    @4babce Thank you! It works now.
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