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I was reading for a while but I cant fully understand Orx for example If I write a game using "Language X" with Orx (supose Language X only compile for Windows), What parts of my project can I reuse to compile for example on Osx or Android.

And another question what laguage should I use to compile my Orx projects on all platforms supported.

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    Hi jboadas, and welcome here.

    All the parts that are directly using orx as a framework will be reusable and will need very few or no changes to go to another platform as long as the language can be compiled/interpreted for those platforms.
    The changes concern usually either data to support a different resolution natively or the input schemes, but even for all those there are good practices that can reduce drastically the amount of work required to go from one platform to the other.

    Back to choice of language, if you use C/C++, you'll be able to use orx directly (no wrappres/bindings needed) on all the supported platforms.
    If you'd rather have a higher language, you can add bindings for Python, AngelScript or LUA, for example, and those will allow you to support also all the platforms. (I know Python & LUA are already used by some orx users but there's no official bindings available, unfortunately.)

    If you want to use a platform specific language, such as FreeBasic, you won't be able to support other platforms, you really need to use a language that can be compiled/interpreted on the target platforms and that can interface with C (most of the languages can).
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    I'm interested in the Python/Lua bindings that people have come up with, but after some searching I've not come up with results. Do you have links to (the code for) those projects?
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    Unfortunately no. :(
    I was told by some orx users that they were using such bindings but they were not made public (yet?). Otherwise I'd have been happy to have shared them here. :)
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    Okay, that's not a problem. I have a vague idea for a game and I'm evaluating engines (with a preference for open source projects). I have a minor preference for Python/Lua.

    I'll have a play around in C and no doubt be back with more questions! Thanks for the really quick response :D
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    No problem!

    You can use any language that interfaces with C, and I'm sure that with little work bindings could be generated by programs such as tolua. :)

    If you have any questions, especially about features as the doc is lagging a bit behind, don't hesitate! :)
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