Physics Body Mesh polygons debug visibility

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Is it possible to switch on a debug mode for physics bodies, mesh, sphere and box to make them visible to ensure they are lined up properly over the object?

Not a big issue. I can make estimates by checking my image positions in Gimp. But it gets tricky to set the positioning right sometimes.


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    What you want, I think, is the config property Physics.ShowDebug. :)
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    Thanks, Iarwain, exactly what I was after!

    Being part of SVN, it's not listed at:

    Should I add it there, or will this section in the wiki be auto-generated from the SVN code?
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    Well, I'd like to keep the online wiki in sync with the official downloadable release.
    That means that a new release should be done soon. With the help of Acksys that will probably happen in about a month, I'll then update the wiki at that time (there's quite a few updates to make!). Thanks for offering your help though. :)
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    Yes that makes sense. Don't want it going of whack.

    However for us SVN users, how do I find config parameters and settings that are new? I checked the docs folder in SVN and it gives the new API documentation. Checked the changelog etc.

    But can't find new config info.

    If it doesn't exist right now, doesn't matter too much seeing a new offical release is due soon. Great work by the way.
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    Yeah, it's definitely not optimal but you can either find config parameters in the templates files (CreationTemplate.ini & SettingsTemplate.ini) or in the svn log.

    Or even better by looking at the svn log of those two files. ;)
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    Ah of course! Many thanks!
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