changing Physics::showDebug on-the-fly?

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Was wondering if there was a way to programatically turn they physics debug outlines on and off (e.g. via a keystroke), or is it an ini-only type of thing?

I've tried the obvious places in the API:

Even grepped through the source. No luck.


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    To answer my own question:
    void Game::togglePhysicsDebug() const {
    void Game::setPhysicsDebug(bool enable) const {
    	orxConfig_SetBool(orxPHYSICS_KZ_CONFIG_SHOW_DEBUG, enable ? orxTRUE : orxFALSE );
    bool Game::getPhysicsDebug() const {
    	bool ret = orxConfig_GetBool(orxPHYSICS_KZ_CONFIG_SHOW_DEBUG);
    	return ret;
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    That is indeed the way to do it programmatically.

    Now if all you wanted to do was to do it on-the-fly in your game without having to modify the code, open the console and type:
    set Physics ShowDebug true
    set Physics ShowDebug false
    You can also add a command alias to make it easier, either at runtime via the console:
    Command.AddAlias psd set "Physics ShowDebug"
    Or via your config file:
    psd = set Physics ShowDebug
    And then use it in the console with:
    psd true
    psd false
    psd 1
    psd 0

    EDIT: You can also list all aliases in the console with:
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    Wow, okay. Didn't know there was a console. Couldn't figure out how to open it, son a whim I hit backtick (`), since that's where it is in so many other engines.

    Is that key-binding hard-coded in?
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    That's the default key but you can change it in config:
    ToggleKey = KEY_*; NB: Defines the toggle key for activating the in-game console;
    Any existing command can be executed in the console. I'm using it most of the time to check the current value of config properties, or to toggle FPS/Profiler/PhysicsDebug or even for creating new objects on the fly and testing a few things on them.
    One can also use it to make a full dump of the config values into a separate file or even for saving config data in their originating file after tweaking them (but in that case comments and text formatting will be lost).
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