Skeletal Animations?

I think I might have brought it up earlier, but I'm curious now, and I think it could use its own thread. What's the status of the skeletal animation system? No pressure, but I am curious to know how far you've gotten with this. I'd love to use it in my project. Because of the simplicity of my project, it would be a good stomping ground to try new things. Thanks!


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    Yes, we'll really need to get this feature up this year, I think.

    I've worked on it a whopping 2 evenings about 3 years ago, never to be touched again since. ;)

    I started thinking about it again a couple of weeks ago but I want to think it all through before starting to implement it. It'll probably come with a big revamp of the animation system as I want to also support vertex animation, non-quad objects (where vertices can freely be determined) and re-use of animation graphs for different objects, like having a similar graph for different NPCs but with different visuals. Right now this last part can be achieved but by cheating a bit.

    So, as you see, it will be a much bigger task that just support the skeletal bit by itself.

    As soon as I'm done integrating the thread branch into main (as it's pretty stable from what I can tell), I'll tackle a couple of smaller tasks, namely support for Signed Distance Field fonts and some rendering optimizations. When that's done, I'll start focusing again on the animation system and will write a proposal on the orx-dev mailing list. :)

    The main focus of orx 1.6 will be multi-threading support, so I guess 1.7 will be about the animation system.
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    Cool! I can't wait for the multi-threaded features. Will you keep us posted on your progress?
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    I'll write a post on orx-dev when the integration is done. For now you can already use the thread branch, it's functional for all platforms beside iOS.
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    In orx-hg or release 1.5?
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    On the hg repository, otherwise you wouldn't have a branch. ;)
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    Right. :p
    I've been trying but our school Internet has a proxy and secure connections don't seem to work right through it, so I still have just the 1.5 release.
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    You can always get a zip file of any version/branch thanks to the download feature of bitbucket. :)
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    That would've been nice to know! I'll get on that right after class!
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    I just downloaded it. Is it safe/ready enough to use for now? or should I just stick with the default branch?

    I won't need threading functionality for a while, although it would be fun to play with.
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    I'd recommend using it, yes. It's the version I'm using for my own projects and it's going to replace the main one very soon.
    The only known bug so far is a visual glitch happening when viewing the profiler history for other threads other than the main one.
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    Got it, thanks.
    I'm excited to see this project still alive. I was afraid I'd come back and find it unmaintained! Keep up the good work! First threads, then skeletal animation, then the world! Or something like that.
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    Ahah, that's the plan! :)
    Orx has been steadily active since mid 2007 (development was more erratic between 2002 and 2007). So as long as Lydesik and myself are around, I wouldn't worry too much for the maintenance side. ;)
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    I see threads have been implemented. Keep on keeping on!
    In the mean time, I still don't have my own computer... kinda hard to program without one. I'm borrowing my mom's. It's not the greatest, but it beats my dinky old tablet.
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